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Our family has farmed this land, this property for almost 100 years. Originally a few orchard trees, horses and a few other animals as most farms in the early 1900’s. In 1948, My grandfather, R.F. Brown started milking 15 cows and the rest is history. Over 70 years later and we are still doing just that, we’ve just grown. We are traditionally a modern dairy farm presently milking approximately 90 cows.


In March of 2020, the world shifted and so did we to help serve our community and fulfill a need. When products in large chain stores were empty, our shelves were full so we decided to start a small market store selling beef products to help feed our community and the response was so overwhelming that we haven’t looked back.

The quality of our products is elevated by the way we treat our animals, as well as how they are fed. Our animals live on their own terms, eat, sleep and milk all at their leisure in a modern free stall space design for optimal comfort and welfare. We feed our animals a diet of 70% grass (haylage) and 30% corn (silage). This high fiber low grain diet creates the perfect blend of lean cuts with enough starch to create incredible flavour and texture. The beef has an almost sweet natural flavour which is unique to our farm. We work with dieticians to ensure quality feed and healthy growth without the use of growth hormones. We focus on healthy growth not rapid gains. The animals are free to eat as little or as much as they choose at their leisure. 


We are continuing to grow and add quality local products, most of which are grown right here on the farm. We are dedicated to high quality, local, ethical products and to serving our community. Helping to bridge the gap between Urban Culture and Agriculture. 

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